Monday, August 30, 2010


The love of a family no one can surpass.
The kindness of a family is like a wild flower forever in bloom.
Their understanding is like a gentle breeze on a lake.
They are always there to pick you up when you fall.
There is a river of joy constantly overflowing.
How can you ask for anything more?

When you are with your family, there is no reason to fear anything.
You can ask for a hug without feeling silly.
There will never be an emptiness when you are with family.
You never need to ask for help, they always seem to know.
They will always give you support when you need it.
How can you ask for anything more?

Family- Someone, or multiple people, who you can love, trust, depend on, enjoy and run to in time of need.

This weekend my family spent time with some friends of ours (post soon to come) and there I found one definition of family. A family does not have to be your blood relation. Through the Lord, it could be a church body or close friends. I have been learning that for the last year, but it hit me hard this past weekend. Because of Jesus Christ, I have a sister in England and two Aunts here. I also have a fellowship that loves me and who I would not trade for anyone in the world. I have brothers and sisters all over the world. We all have the same Father. I count it an honor to be related in the Lord to the family we spent the weekend with, my church group, and my immediate family members. I love you all!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Promise of A Sunrise

The Promise of A Sunrise

This last school year, my sister and I started a writing program called One Year Adventure Novel. As you can tell by the title of the program, it is not your average writing program. Daniel Schwabauer, the teacher, teaches how to write an adventure novel. It is a very fun program. :) There is a student forum where you can meet other kids from across the country.... I mean across the world, who also love to write.

Anyhow, I have been wanting to post some of my novel for awhile. Here is a small summary of what I have written. In The Promise Of A Sunrise, Margaret is reading the following letter:

Dear Captain Taylor,
I am writing to tell you that everything is going as planned. I need you to write to my sister, Margaret Kennedy. On the little sheet of paper I have enclosed, is her address. No one must see this address except for you. I fear my family is in danger. I looked around the desk to see if there was a little scrap of paper, but to no avail. Captain Taylor must have hidden the paper. I continued to read. She needs to know what is going on. Do not tell her the plan in your letter. I have 8 other siblings, who sometimes can be very nosy. You are a smart man, Zachary, find a way to get her to the camp. Then take her far away... away somewhere were she will be safe. You know what to do after that.

Second Lieutenant M. Kennedy

P.S. Don’t worry about the rest of my family right now. I will take care of them. Margaret is the one who is in the most danger.

When I finished reading the letter, a thousand questions spun in my head. ‘What does Matthew mean by ‘everything is going as planned’? What plan was Matthew talking about and why hasn’t Captain Taylor told me anything about it yet? Once Captain Taylor got me to the camp, then what? How is our family in danger? What danger am I in?’

Stay tuned for more......