Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Greatest Gift ~

Presents under the tree
Snowflakes drifting to the ground
The tree decked with lights and ornaments
Family gathered ‘round the piano singing carols.

Memories being created
Traditions being kept
Love being shared
Peace being brought

A time when laughter and love fill the air.
A time when hatred and fighting is put aside.
A time when the separated are united.
A time when love was born on earth. 

Christmas time; the birth of our Lord
God sent His Son in the form of a babe.
He used a lowly virgin to bring His Son to earth.
What a wonderful gift. 

This is a time of toys, chocolates, sweets, and memories.
But let us not forget the greatest gift of them all. 
The gift that will never break, or become old. 
The gift that will always stay new and fresh. 

This is a time to forget all your sorrows 
A time to forget what has happened and to welcome a baby into our world.
A time to be thankful for all the presents you get under the tree.
A time to spend with family and friends. 

The new year is right ‘round the corner, 
Soon, this time will be forgotten
The presents become things on a shelf.
Let us not put our Lord on the shelf after the new year. 

Let us cherish the gift that was so willing to die for us. 
Let us cherish the gift of love that was sent down that night.
Let us cherish the gift of peace that was bestowed on the earth.
Let us never forget what price was paid for the greatest gift. 

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope ya'll had a wonderful day!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Miracles ~

What is a miracle, you ask?
Isn’t it just the blind seeing, the lame walking and the sick healed? 
Isn’t it just Jesus conceived in Mary’s womb, or John in Elizabeth’s? 

Has God said that your time on earth is done? 
Has He called you to Himself? 
Are you His child? 
You are a living miracle. 

Have you over come temptations? 
Have you faced the enemy knowing God has a plan for you? 
Have you trusted God with your life? 
You are a living miracle. 

It isn’t just the blind seeing, the lame walking and the sick healed
It isn’t just Jesus conceived in Mary’s womb or John in Elizabeth’s.
It isn’t just Jesus rising from the dead on the third day. 
You are a miracle. 

You are walking on this earth. 
You are alive and well.
You are living in Jesus. 
You are a miracle. 

Yet Another Camping Trip ~ Day 2 ~ Shooting and Gold Mines

Yes, I know, this post is LONG over due!

On the second day while we were out at Antone Ranch, we went to a western shooting course and then to see two gold mines on the ranch. It was a cold and raining day, but we still had our share of laughing. :)

Here are some pictures of the day. I will start with the shooting pictures. The pictures are pretty explanatory. :) Oh, and the guns we shot were a 38 special pistol, a 38 special rifle and and 21 gauge shotgun.

Yes, that is my brother. :)

The 38 special pistol

Loading the guns.

Isn't he cute?

Some of the group.

The men had fun shooting the guns like the do in the movies...

It did not work so well. They only missed the target. :P

Entrance to one of the gold mines

One of the boys in the mine with a flashlight

Inside one of the mines

I simply had to put this picture in because there is a funny story behind it. :D

On the way home from the gold mines, which was almost a half an hour drive. We (the older kids, please don't make me name them. :P) had stayed up till midnight the night before, and that day was a cold and misty day. Plus, we only had trucks, so a bunch of the older kids had to pile into the back of my dad's truck. There were a total of 5 of us plus we had two dog kennels, so we were a little squished. :P Well, on the way back, Chad must have lost his mind. Braden and I were leaning up against the tail gate with Chad up against the window in the back, leaving the other two to sit in front of the dog kennels. (Some how we all fit.) Now, Braden and I talked for awhile until I noticed Chad had his face pressed up against the glass. At first I did not think much about it, and continued on talking, that was, until Chad started talking. He was trying to talk to the people in the cab of the truck, though the window.

I don't really know what possessed Chad to do such a thing. He is normally a quiet guy and is not really the funny one in our family, or so you think. :P Anyhow, back to the story.

Chad was talking though the window in this high pitched voice that he only uses when he is very hipper. The next thing I know, Chad is looking back at us and then turns to put his face back up the the window, but instead Dad slams on the brakes, and makes us all go flying. And guess where his face went. Yup, right into the window. *laughs* After I recovered myself from the jolt, I find Chd rubbing his nose. He then turned back to the window and started talking again. By this time, Braden and I were rolling. Dad slammed on the brakes again, but this time Chad hit is forehead. Dad did it one more time before we got home. But we all were rolling.

That is the story about that picture. :)

Thanks to In His Name Photography for the pictures!

Yet Another Camping Trip ~ Day 1 ~ Tubing

A month ago, we went back out to Antone Ranch. (If you don't remember, click here.) We had just a little bit of fun. :P Actually, to tell you the truth, we had so much fun it was illegal. *laughs*

Warning: Lots of pictures. Look at your own risk. :)

The first full day we were there, Friday, we went tubing at a lake that we would go camping at before the ranch was sold to the owner.

Here are some pictures of our day out there.

Jarod, Mr. G, and Braden fishing at the end of the dock.


Chad and Devin throwing rocks into the lake.


Daddy fishing

Daddy and his fish.

Daddy and Braden rebating the hook.

Giselle had lots of fun in the water. :)

After lunch we decided to bring out the fun. :) The ranch owns a boat and we were able to go out on that and get some tubing in. The first round Dad had to stay behind with the dogs.

Let the fun begin! The first on the tube was *Drum roll* Jarod and Landon!

The next people were, Devin, Janae, and Me.

The three of us at the end of the ride... or so we thought.

When the boat stops, you have to quickly sit up onto your knees or else the tube will sink, I found that out last time. So, this time, Devin sits back and lets go of the hand grips. Well, Mr. G saw this and he gave the boat a little gas and Devin fell off.

Chad, Jarod and Landon decide to do it. :)

They got some good air.

Off the side of the wake.


Kadence wanted to go so Devin and Kiersten went with her.

I think it got a little boring for Devin. :)

Then Jarod, Kiersten and Janae go.


Me, Kadence and Sarai

Devin again

And thus ends our first day out at Antone. More to come about this trip. :)

Thanks, In His Name Photography (My sister, Taylor) for the wonderful pictures!