Thursday, March 10, 2011

God's love letter

Dearest Beloved,

I have waited for you and called you. Why have you not answered? I have knocked, yet the door was not open. Why? I have written you letter after letter. Have you not read them? I receive no reply. Why?

I love you, my beloved. More than you could ever conceive. Am I not that important to you? I gave my life for you. I led you thru life, yet, I receive no thank you. I have laid out instructions for you, yet you don't listen. Is there someone or something more important in your life ?

Why do you turn to man for love when you have a strong, everlasting arm to lean on?
Why do you kick and scream when Someone knows better than you do?
Why do you pull away from the Hand that tries to lead you down the right path? 
Why do you not open the door when there is a knock?

Is it fear or is it hate?
Is it fear of the unknown?
Is it a lack of trust?
Or is it unbelief?

Do you really know what is best for your life?
Is that why you kick and scream?
Do you not trust the Man to lead you?
Is that why you pull away?

Beloved, I sent my Son to die on the cross for you. To bare your burdens so that you do not always have to. Isn't that enough to give me your love? I have waited long hours for you to give me everything you had. Waited for you to give me your trust. Am I only to be treated like the dust in the road? To be shuffled about with everyone that walks by? 

I have written a whole Book that portrays my love for you. But still, you don't listen. What will it take, my beloved, for you to seek and find me? I have always been waiting outside for you, won't you please let me in?

I love you, beloved, 

~ God ♱

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