Friday, March 11, 2011


Is a friend someone you talk to every now and then? Is it someone who can help you if you need help?
Is it someone who leave will you in your time of need? 
Is it someone who you will always love? 

Is it someone who you would do anything for? 
Is it someone who you will always forgive no matter what happens? 
Friendships are bonds that will never break. 

Nothing can come between them. 
Nothing will offend them. 
Friends never leave each other in the time of need. 

They will always care for each other. 
They will always stand up for each other. 
Friends will give their life for their friends. 

Friendship is a treasure. 
Treasure it forever, my dear. 
Never let go of it. 

Never abuse the friendship. 
Never take it for granted. 
Never think that you will always have it.

Times will be hard, 
but continue to love and forgive, 
And you will out live the pain.

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